Great Farm Rifle Club Range Rules


1)       All shooting will be limited to current members and their accompanied guests. All members must fill out the sign-in sheet when using the range.

2)       All members will maintain control of their guests and their actions at all times and convey unto them the requirements of these rules.

3)       It is required to have your GFRC membership card in your possession while using the facilities.

4)       Shooting hours are from 8am to 15 minutes after sunset.

5)       Eye and ear protection must be worn by all persons on or near the firing line.

6)       Firearms must ALWAYS be pointed downrange or in a safe direction.

7)       Courtesy, common sense, safe firearm handling, and communication are required of all persons on all firing lines.

8)       All members have the authority to oversee, coach and make judgments on unsafe actions.

9)       Do not leave loaded firearms unattended. Firearms not in use must have the action opened, be cleared, the magazine removed, and/or they must be cased.

10)    No firearms shall be loaded on the line nor aimed/pointed downrange while persons are downrange.

11)    The range status sign will be set to the appropriate condition when persons are downrange and when firing.

11)    No persons are to be forward of the firing line during firing.

12)    Illegal firearms or illegal destructive devices are strictly forbidden from the premises. All Federal, State and Local laws must be obeyed at all times when on the range.

13)    All targets are required to be placed so that rounds fired at them travel directly toward/into the designated berm.

14)    All rounds are to impact at least three feet below the top of the berm.

15)    Glass, household appliances, televisions, batteries, anything that will leave sharp pieces or hazardous waste, and exploding targets are restricted from use as targets.

16)    Pick up your brass, targets, and trash when done so others will not have to.

17)    Tracers and/or incendiary ammunition are prohibited.

18)    The use (or shooting under the influence of) alcohol or illicit drugs is prohibited on the premises.

19)    Firing into the lateral protective berms, from either side, is forbidden.

20)    Clay targets being thrown are to be done on the left side of the covered firing line, with shooters parallel to the firing line and clays traveling downrange.

21)    Steel targets are to be used in accordance with the manufacturers design limits. Self-made ones are to be used no closer than 50 yards and with suitable bullets.

21)    Avoid placing targets in the path of the backstop supports. Conduct leading to reckless destruction of the target backers is forbidden.

These rules are for the safety and benefit of you, your guests, our neighbors, and the club. Disregard for them may result in membership revocation.